The Program

Here is our program for the Vesuvio Cup Football event which takes place in the City of Torre del Greco in the province of Naples

Thursday 25/04/2019
Arrival of all delegations by 12.00 at COLMA Sport Village, inside A. Liguori stadium in Viale Ungheria Torre del Greco. Delivery of the Tournament artwork.
Accommodation allocation Assigned.
2.30 pm Start of Qualifying matches. Dinner in restaurant.
At Finire, the inauguration ceremony of the tournament with the parade of all the participating teams, national anthems and the athlete's oath. Closing of the evening with light helmets and fireworks display.
Friday 26/04/2019
8.30 am Continuation of qualifying races with continuation in the afternoon. In the evening, show of Magic and Circus at COLMA Sport Village with free admission.
Saturday 27/04/2019
8.30 am Continuation of Semifinals races with continuation in the afternoon.
In the evening DJ set parade. Evening with music and entertainment called I LOVE SLIME with free admission at the COLMA Sport Village.
Sunday 28/04/2019
08:30 am Finals for all categories
12:30 pm Award ceremony
2.00 pm Lunch in Restaurant / next departure
Vesuvio Cup - Torre del Greco 2020