The first thing to do in Torre del Greco is to visit the city, rich in history, monuments and traditions related to the seafaring past. If you are planning to visit museums and places of interest we recommend you visit the world famous coral museum for processing. free entry.

Amalfi Coast

The blue sea that breaks the now sweet and now decided stretches of the coast, coves, rocks, colorful houses. This is the Amalfi Coast, a magical land kissed by the beauty that comes from Punta Campanella to the gates of Salerno. The places touched are many: Positano, Amalfi, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Vietri. Bordered by a scenic road, each has its own history and its own attractions. Maybe after a visit to the nearby Sorrento, you could spend a whole day on the Amalfi Coast by renting a scooter, a real show!


The blue island, the island of Tiberius, the island of the Faraglioni, how many names have they given you? Even Capri deserves a day. You can visit it by booking one of the many tours of the island and do not miss the famous Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni, or you can visit it by land and dedicate yourself to pleasant walks in nature. Do you know that even Capri has Roman ruins? The most famous is Villa Jovis, ancient home of Tiberius. Before ending your day on the island, let yourself go to the classic aperitif in the square in the shadow of the bell tower together with writers, actors and personalities of the show business!


The green island, made famous by its spas, has always been one of the favorite destinations for Italian and non-Italian tourists. A place to throw away the clock and enjoy a day at the beach, or visit places of enormous historical value such as the Aragonese Castle. A tip: you can not miss Sant’Angelo, the quaint fishing village located on the island of the same name.


The Campania capital certainly deserves a bit of your time. Capital for many centuries, there are many surprises: the seafront, Castel dell’Ovo, the Maschio Angioino, the historic center with its characteristic lanes, churches and works of art of inestimable value. Like the veiled Christ located in the Sansevero Chapel. Art is important, but you must not neglect the Neapolitan culinary tradition. Stroll along the Spaccanapoli or Via Tribunali features in the company of a sfogliatella (curly or short pastry the choice is yours!) Is a pleasure to try at least once in your life!


An excursion to the Vesuvius, the volcano that has decreed the millennial sleep of Pompeii: this is the trip you can not absolutely miss. The extraordinary view from the cone of the volcano is a spectacle, and there are many organized excursions. Do not wake up the sleeping can be said, but this is not the case. Vesuvius sleeps peacefully


The archaeological excavations of Pompeii have returned the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii, near the hill of Civita, at the gates of modern Pompeii, buried under a blanket of ashes and lapilli during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, together with Ercolano, Stabia and Oplonti.


You will be able to visit in this marvelous city, in a marvelous and evocative park, the very famous Royal Palace of Caserta ... the largest royal residence in the world by volume. Baroque style, it is a magnificent complex of 1200 rooms, with a wonderful garden and four courtyards of 3,800 square meters each. With numerous paintings and works of art it is one of the wonders of our territory. You absolutely can not not visit it!

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